The Lass From Across The Pond


She’s from “across the pond”.
She pronounces her t’s and lengthens her a’s

Two countries divided by a common language
Not to mention an egg and cress sandwich
Or marmite on toast
She eats “porridge” instead of oats
Says rubbish rather than trash
And is ruled by “class” much more than cash

She’s from “across the pond”
Says sorry, stays out of the spotlight

“Mustn’t grumble, show must go on
Stiff upper lip, you know there’s a war on”.
She’s from up north and she knows her place
Follows tradition and doesn’t lose face
No ideas “above her station”
That’s for another nation

She’s from “across the pond”
Doesn’t challenge enough and so life becomes rough

She must integrate the cultures in order to thrive
Which means her two worlds must begin to jive
The pond no longer an obstacle
Starts to develop a trickle
The trickle becomes a flow
In both directions, the currents go

She’s from across the pond, But she lives over here
She’s from across the pond, which now feels very near

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