Do you speak Croatian, Montenegrin or Bosnian?

Montenegro always held a mystical place in my imagination as inspired by the James Bond movie “Casino Royale” and the scene of the train trundling through dark forest. This was the introduction of the bantering between Eva Green’s Vesper and Daniel Craig’s 007. (Vesper: “I’m the money”. Craig, briskly checking her out: “Every penny of […]

Macedonia, Mezcladoña

We traveled from Sofia by bus, which turned out to have been a wise decision given the Bulgarian roads, the mountainous winding route and…snow! This was where we realized that while we could get by only being able to say Dobur den and blagodarya (“hello” and “thank-you” in Bulgarian), knowing the cyrillic alphabet was crucial […]

Great Uncle Bulgaria

Great Uncle Bulgaria, the womble whose poster loomed large above my childhood bed still appears in my mind’s eye when I hear the country’s namesake. I have to say that when we visited, the country itself did not feel quite as avuncular, but sights and impressions do indeed loom large in my memory. My first […]

The Dance of Matisse

For me, “La Danse“ by Matisse is an image of “individual togetherness”. It pictures five figures with legs, arms and torsos contorted at different angles in various states of abandon under a midnight sky and on fertile ground. Often described as Bacchanalians in a civilized world and seen as a raw and vivid portrait of Man […]

Purple Exposure.

Fiery red’s passion meets cool blue’s wisdom, lyrical meets logical, risk meets opportunity. The brave heart takes the floor and entertains the heckling mind. Here lies the purple sweet spot. But it doesn’t exist on only one set of coordinates. Purple’s delightful range includes haughty violet, plump, juicy blackcurrant and majestic magenta. Such is the […]